The gums, (which include the bone surrounding the teeth), are the foundations that determine a stable and healthy mouth.

Maintenance of a good oral hygiene is the key to good dental health and vital in eliminating gum disease and decay which can eventually lead to tooth loss. South Ealing Dental Practice has trained hygienists who work with you and your dentist to ensure that you maintain optimium oral health.

We also stress upon a continuously monitored dental hygiene regime followed at your home for better results. We understand, however that some parts of the mouth are difficult to reach and regular dental hygiene treatment is vital to prevent cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease taking place in these areas.

The main role of a hygienist is to professionally clean your teeth via a process which involvres scaling and polishing the teeth. In more severe cases further complex treatments may be advised. The plaque (housing bacteria) and hardlyhard deposits of calculus (tartar) are removed above and below the gum using manual and ultrasonic instruments.

Your hygienist at South Ealing Dental Practice will also provide you with a set of procedures to perform daily, in order to maintain a healthy oral condition.

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