Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction can use a combination of dental implants and bridgework, inlays and onlays, veneers, and crowns to restore the whole of your mouth. The restoration of your whole mouth integrates an array of restorative dental treatments such as crowns, bridges, and inlays, as well as professional implants to restore teeth to the root. 

This complex treatment provides high quality and functional teeth that not all practices can provide, by integrating an array of dental techniques. Yet our team of highly skilled and professional dentists can restore your mouth to give you a smile that will last. 

  1. Examination 

During the examination, we will discuss which dentistry techniques would suit your mouth best. The most appropriate method will be determined using the latest modern technology and will be discussed with you every step of the way. The examination will review the muscles and bones supporting your teeth and gums, as well as the jaw and TMJ (which is most prone to damage after grinding and pain). Treatment can address any issues before the reconstruction.   

  1. Smile Design 

We want to make sure that your mouth functions perfectly after treatment, with the added bonus of looking great. Before you even start treatment, our dentists use the newest computer-aided technology to design your smile so you can see the outcome before treatment has even started. This allows us to combine practicality and perfection in your new mouth so you can look and feel great. 

  1. 3D Preview and Model 

Having used the technology to design your smile, dentists amalgamate bite records and dental impressions to form a 3D model. This model is not limited to a computer screen but is physical so you can see the design from every perspective. Both you and your dentist will, therefore, be able to examine how your new teeth will both look and function so you can start looking forward to your new mouth. 

  1. Temporary Teeth 

Temporary teeth are prepared which fully match your 3D design. This set of teeth can be tested by you to ensure they are everything you hoped, and any fine-tuning necessary will be repeated within your final mouth restoration. This process guarantees you the best results at the end of the restoration treatment, both functionally and aesthetically. 

  1. Your Finalised Full Mouth Reconstruction 

The final stage of the treatment will proceed, combining the 3D model, temporary teeth, and plans you worked on together with your dentist. Your dentist will perfect the texture of the teeth, their surface, and their colour to finalise your full mouth restoration and leave you with beautiful strong teeth. 

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