Where a tooth has a small or moderate area of decay or has a small or moderate piece missing, a filling maybe the best solution for a restoration.

There are several options to the type of fillings that maybe best for you. your dentist will help you in deciding which one is best for you.

Amalgam (silver) fillings

Made from a mixture of various metals which results in a silver appearance.  Amalgam fillings are very strong and resistant to everyday wear and tear and have been proven to be one of the most reliable materials available. However, due to their colour they are more noticeable than composite fillings and are not usually used in very visible areas, such as front teeth

 Composite (white) fillings

Made from resin, (for strong bonding properties) and varying sizes of silica particles, (which determines the strength of the filling). These fillings are tooth coloured and can matched aesthetically to be virtually undetectable. There are two main types of composite fillings;

  • Direct Composite fillings: These can be completed on the day and are suitable for suitable for small to moderate holes.
  • Indirect Composite fillings or Inlays: These fillings are made at the laboratory and require 2 appointments. They are required when the holes are large or the tooth is moderately broken down.

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