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Most people would notice the missing tooth, how about the mysterious sixth finger!

Whenever we meet someone for the first time, a smile is one of the first things we notice about that person.

Missing teeth can effect a person’s confidence while interacting with others.

Something as simple as a missing tooth can result in a lack of confidence that may affect all aspects of our lives.

What are Dental Implants?
  • The next best thing to a natural tooth is one that is the closest replica to it, both in appearance and function.
  • An implant has a root and a crown much like a tooth,the crown appears to emerge from the gum in the same way a natural crown would.
  • Dental implants are made out of grade 5 titanium with a tensile strength superior to that of natural teeth.
  • The Titanium on the surface of implants has been treated to become “biocompatible”, this means that bone cells are encouraged to create new bone on the surface of the metal resulting in a very strong bond between the implant and the jaw.
  • The bond between the bone and metal is known as an “active” one,  the old bone is continually being removed to be replaced by new bone. This means that as long as oral hygiene is being maintained and a person remains relatively healthy, the dental implant will remain as solid in the bone after twenty years as it was after one year!
  • In fact it is far harder to remove an implant than it is to remove a natural tooth.
  • Replacing a tooth with an implant is the only option which does not result in any damage to teeth or gums, as well as giving the best possible natural looking results.
Why Choose Us?

At South Ealing Dental Practice, we understand that missing teeth can effect a person’s confidence. Taking this on board, we provide high quality dental implants at affordable prices.

  • We offer a free implant consultation, including an assessment and x-rays.
  • We use the highest specification of implants and crowns.
  • One single implant can cost as little as * £1.40 a day!
  • We can replace a full denture with a full pair of fixed teeth supported by implants from * £5.70 a day!
  • Once you commence treatment with us, you will have the private number of your dentist so that any questions, queries or concerns will be answered whatever the day.
  • We are open seven days a week including week day evenings.
  • We have staff members fluent in Arabic, Sinhalese, Farsi, Hindi, Gujarati, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish.
Your Treatment Journey, (one implant)
  • The first appointment is the initial consultation, where we discuss your concerns and expectations. A general assessment is made which will include general health, social habits, general dental health and an analysis of the problem that resulted in booking the appointment. X-rays will be taken to provide information regarding the condition and position of the tooth, bone and surrounding structures.
  • A CT scan is usually necessary to allow us to precisely assess and carryout any treatment that has been planned. This appointment will be arranged by us.
  • If there is no natural tooth to remove, then the root portion (titanium screw) of the implant can be placed, with the gum placed back over it, allowing the bone to bond undisturbed.
  • Two-Three months later, an impression is taken of the top of the implant head.
  • Two weeks later the crown is screwed on to the implant and the treatment is complete.
Frequently Asked Questions
Am I Suitable for Dental Implants?
  • There are very few reasons why you are not clinically eligible for having dental implants.
  • The only real condition which will not allow an implant to be placed is if you are taking or have had a particular  medication, Bisphosphonates, ( an anti-osteoporosis drug), if you have never heard of it then you probably have not had it.
  •  As soon as your jaw has stopped developing (around seventeen years old), then you are a candidate for implants.
  •  Lacking bone in an area is not usually a problem in placing implants, as there are many techniques to solve this limitation.
  •  As with any dental structure, good dental hygiene must be maintained at all times.
  • Smoking does reduces the life expectancy of any dental structure and implants are no different.
Are Dental Implants Painful?
  • Unlike other parts of dentistry, implant dentistry involves working with healthy tissues only, this means tissues are able to adapt and heal very quickly, resulting in a painless experience.
Can I Afford Implants?
  • At ** £1.40 per day  for a single implant and ** £5.70 per day  for a full set of teeth, how can you afford not to.


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