A guide to our fees and charges: July 2018

Due to the ongoing restrictions that many practices have experienced in providing NHS treatment, South Ealing dental practice has introduced an economy scheme. We have lowered our standard private prices so that our patients can access a full compliment of treatments, (some that otherwise would not have been available on the NHS) with nearly all items being at comparable rates.

Examination £45 £20
Second Opinion £45 £45
Private Referral £45 £45
Large X-ray £25 £20
Small X-ray £5 n/a
Emergency* £60 £45
Preventative Periodontal Care
Hygiene Appointment £85 £55
Mouth/Night guard £225 £195
Temporary filling £40 £35
 one surface £110 £95
 two surface £155 £130
 three surface £185 £155
Porcelain Metal £595 £475
Metal Free Crown £695 £575
Root Fillings
Incisor/Canine £295 £225
Premolar £395 £325
Molar £495 £425
Extraction – Simple £115 £95
Extraction – Complex £195 £175
Surgical Extraction of Special Difficulty £295 £250 
Acrylic Denture (per arch) £625 £495
Chrome Metal Denture (per arch) £795 £695
Flexible  Denture (per arch) £725 £625
Additions (per tooth) £85 £75
Home Teeth Whitening £350 £295
In-House Teeth Whitening £395 n/a
Combo Kit £495 n/a
Internal Bleaching (per session) £125 £95
Implants including crowns (from) £1950 n/a
Bone Grafting £750 n/a
Sinus Lift £850 n/a


*Emergency appointment includes emergency treatment only

Each case is unique and you will be presented with a written treatment plan after your consultation. If at any time you have questions regarding your treatment costs please do not hesitate to speak to a member of our team.

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