What Are Cerec Crowns?

Cerec Crowns are made at our practice by using the latest computer aided design software, with the most advanced ceramic materials. this results in producing a precision fit metal free crown on the same day as the preparation.

Why Choose Cerec?

  • Crowns have excellent aesthetics; as there is no metals involved, Cerec crowns do not suffer from black margins or a dull appearance in daylight!
  • No need for impressions; that means no more gagging! Also because the impression stage is removed from the process, the chances of a poorly fitting crown is far less likely.
  • No more temporary crowns; therefore no more temporary crowns falling out. Many temporary crowns are made by a chemical (exothermic) reaction that produces a lot of heat, this can potentially damage the delicate nerves of the tooth in question. No temporary crowns also means no rough edges, which equals no gum irritation!
  • Precision fitting crowns; Each tooth is scanned and designed on a 19″ monitor, the information is then transferred to a milling machine which produces a precise ceramic replica from the given image.

One appointment, “in and out”; Fitting in appointments into your busy schedule has just become easier. One day start to finish and that’s that!

crown in ealing