The young girl’s teeth do not look quite right, maybe they could be straighter. How about the phantom hand on the young man’s right shoulder…what’s that all about?

Whenever we meet someone for the first time,a smile is one of the first things we notice!
Crooked or misaligned teeth may define character for some, but for others it poses a big problem when meeting someone for the first time, or for that all important photo, or even in the work place.

At South Ealing Dental Practice we believe that Fastbraces® technology is the most advanced way to straighten your teeth.

Fastbraces® Technology is also available in a clear form.

Why  Choose Fastbraces® Technology Over Normal Conventional Forms of Braces?
  1. Normal braces usually require the removal of teeth, this results in a change to your natural bite and balance. So teeth that were originally angled on the same plane as major chewing muscles, are disrupted as the teeth are forced to move into an unnatural position.
  2. Children usually have to undergo extraction of four perfectly healthy teeth when receiving normal braces, as they are told that they have “too many teeth for their mouths”. This, however is untrue, we do have the right number of teeth in our mouths, (excluding the wisdom teeth question). It is just that in most cases the jaw has not been able to develop completely in localised areas. The removal of healthy adult teeth on the grounds of straightening teeth is unnecessary in almost all children… in fact it is WRONG!
  3. Fastbraces® technology allows the bone to naturally grow in these localised areas, correcting the bone deficiencies, as the teeth are moved into their naturally straight positions.
  4. Normal braces usually requires several different shapes and sizes of wires to achieve its goal, Fastbraces® technology only requires one!
  5. The total time taken for treatment to be completed with the old style braces is anything 2-4 years. With fastbraces® technology treatment can take as little as 3 months!
  6. Because Fastbraces® technology uses one fine wire with a force distribution far lighter than normal braces, patients report minimal or no pain, unlike the old style, where pain place a significant part of treatment
  7. After treatment is complete normal braces require retainers to be worn all night. With Fastbraces® technology retainers are worn for 15 minutes only!
Why  Choose Fastbraces® Technology Over the Leading Brands of Clear Braces?
  1. Fastbraces® technology moves the whole tooth “bodily”, as opposed to “tilting” teeth meaning that there is less chance of the teeth moving back to their old position, (relapse).
  2. With Fastbraces® technology the bone is created in areas where the bone was once deficient. So by the end of treatment, all the roots are able to align parallel with each other, this cannot be said about the other leading companies.
  3. Although the other brands may complete treatment in 6 months, in many cases Fastbraces® technology may finish the same cases in half the time. 
Why Choose Us?
  • For peace of mind all our patients will receive the dentists private number in case they require out of hours advice.
  • A Complete course starts from £1950.
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I spread the cost?

  • Yes, costs can be spread over the duration of treatment. If a longer period of time is required, this may also be arranged.

Easy Payment Options

South Ealing Dental Practice offers easy payment options. We offer affordable payments starting from £1.40 per day. Speak to us now.


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