Perfect Smile in Just 1 Day From Only £8.70 a day!

  •  New Set of Fixed Teeth in just one day! Ideal if you have lost a lot of teeth, your teeth are failing or you have dentures.
  •  4 to 6 Implants and a fixed bridge – in 1 day!
  •  Your consultation is completely FREE 
  • Our dentists practice anxiety management so no need to be nervous –
  •  Consultations are available evenings and weekends
  •  No more dentures or gum disease or PAIN!
  •  The price quoted will be inclusive of all costs, even if there is a requirement for additional stages or additional implants.
  • Our “Teeth in a Day” solution starts at £8.70 a day on finance

Teeth in a Day is an advanced implant technique that offers a superior solution to people whose teeth are failing and face the

prospect of wearing dentures, as well as those who already wear loose or ill-fitting dentures.


Your FREE Dental Consultation

A free no-obligation consultation is an excellent opportunity for you to view our clinical environment, meet the staff and discuss

treatment options.

There are no hidden fees or charges of any kind. As part of our standard consult you will get:

  •  Panoramic X-Ray (valued at £175)
  •  Comprehensive dental check-up
  • Gum condition evaluation (test for gum disease)
  •  Dynamic Bite assessment
  •  Detailed treatment plan with a number of options that will help you achieve optimum results at the best price.

Stressed or worried about your visit? Don’t be.

We understand for some people visiting the dentist can be a daunting process but rest assured that all of our dentists practise Anxiety

Management and you will be put right at ease from the moment you sit in the chair. We aim for completely pain free dentistry that’s our goal.


Our Assurance

All our teeth in a day cases are guaranteed for 10 years*

*Subject to patients medical and social history, which will be discussed at the appointment.

*Regular hygiene appointments are maintained.

How does it only cost £8.70 a day?

We offer our customers the chance to spread the cost of the “Teeth In A Day” treatment out with a finance solution. This allows you to have this life changing treatment without the burden of the upfront costs.